Spiritual Health

We live in a mortal body.  We are physically dying the moment we are born.  We do not have to be in physical pain, but our bodies will one day wear out, unless Jesus returns first!  Our spirits, however, continue to grow and grow.  When we decide to walk with God, our spirits can grow exponentially.  We can never have too much of God.  We should always look to God to help keep our spirits alive and active.  They should not be in disarray.  When we do seem to be down in our spirits, we can always go to God for more of His special filling.  This was something He said to me in a journal for everyone, and it is included in my book, “OK, God, Let’s Start From Here”.  You can find purchasing information on this site.


Your body is decaying and of this world, but your spirit should never feel pain.



When we are walking with God, our spirits will soar to the Heavens.  We should not feel any pain as we do in our physical bodies.  Rejoice and be glad for our spirits are full of God!

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