Ask, Believe, Receive

Ask, Believe, and Receive.  This is the recipe we should have when asking or praying to God.  When you Ask God for something with a Believing, faith-filled heart, you will Receive His best for your life.  His best may not be exactly what you asked for, but when you believe He only has your best interests at heart, you can receive all He has for your life!  Jesus even promised us this in the Bible. Matthew 21:22 New International Version (NIV) 22 If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”   -From the book, “OK, God, Let’s Start from Here” by Tricia Draper


Let God be the Helium

Release everything bad in your heart and mind, and just fill it so full of God that there is no room for anything else.  It is like a helium balloon.  Visualize letting it go and having it fly up to the sky.  Let God be the helium in your life so you can soar unhindered with Him. Taken from the episode, “Pride and Release”, from