Angels Among Us


Have you ever been in one of those “Almost Accidents”? Time actually slows down, and you envision the whole incident. Then, you awake from your 2-second nightmare to find nothing has taken place. You try to clear your thoughts as you ponder the miracle that has just saved your life.

Some people would say you were lucky, or “The Universe didn’t want it to happen.” Others would say your Guardian Angel saved you. This is true in part, but the truth is God saved you.

“Angels Among Us” is a unique look at five people’s lives. You are allowed to see the details invisible in everyday life. You see why bad things are allowed to happen and why things you think are the best may not always be.

“Missing Pieces” shows how a young woman’s plans changed in the blink of an eye. “Among the Nations” reveals how faith and courage can get you through any situation. The difference between hearing and listening is shown in “The Deaf Shall Hear”. A mother’s prayers are finally answered in an unusual way in “The Other Man”. A couples prayers seem to be ansered in “Divine Intervention”, but when lives are on the line, it comes down to what is truly best for all.

Currently out of print.