The God of Promises

Praise is very important to God.  It should be equally important to us.  Praise is a way we can communicate with God.  We can sing, dance, or just be still before the Lord. There is no wrong way to praise God if it comes from our hearts.  Here is a passage from the Praise chapter in my book, OK, God, Let’s Start From Here.


Another aspect of praise is reminding God of His precious promises.  This is not for God’s benefit.  He knows all that He has promised us, but it is great for us.  We find many promises in the Bible, but this can include things He has spoken into your specific life, too.  When we remind ourselves of these promises, it boosts our confidence and puts joy and hope in our hearts.  We need to keep those hopes and truths in front of us all the time to remember who we are and what we have in Him.


You can find more information on the book by clicking the tab listed on this site.  God bless you!

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