Giving from the Heart

Giving something away has a boomerang effect.  When you give, you get.  This is true with good and negative things.  The Bible plainly tells us you reap what you sow.

Passage from my book, “OK, God, Let’s Start From Here” available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


This is not speaking of Christmas presents.  These words speak of the positive and negative seeds we plant in other’s lives.  We can bless people, and we can curse them.  We need to be blessing others.  When we do, God blesses us in return.  This Christmas season, give away love, joy, and peace.  You will receive a benefit from others and God.  If you have no presents to give, give your time and attention.  Let others know you are thinking of them.  During this time of the year, we need to be focused on Jesus and the pure gift of love He brought all those years ago.  We should love others as ourselves and treat them with respect and kindness.  There is always something to give your loved ones when you do so with a thankful heart.  Give love, and you will receive love, if not from others, then from God Himself.  Don’t ever be afraid to give your heart to God.  People may let you down, but He never will.  Turn to God and give Him all of yourself.  He will gladly accept anything you have to offer.

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