Ask God

There are so many times we are in a situation and just need some help from God.  We may just expect Him to provide our every need all the time.  The truth is we have to ask for HIs help.  When we don’t ask Him to help us, we are in essence tying His hands.  He longs to help, but until we take the time to ask for it, we will not receive it.  He is not holding out on us.  We simply need to show our faith and prove we really believe He will do what we ask.  God is a gentleman and will never just enter our lives and take over.  He has to be asked.  He had this to say in the Ask chapter of my book, OK, God, Let’s Start From Here

“Keep asking and searching. I told you; you would find Me.  I’m not hiding.  I’m just waiting for you to come to Me.  I can’t just come to you until you are ready.”


Turn to God and ask for His help in your life.  Allow Him in to do a special work in you.  Trust Him and simply ask.



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