Month: October 2018

Long Lasting Passion

You can’t strive for passion for God without first learning to submit.  If you don’t know how to submit to His will, the passion will be fading and short lived.

Ask, Believe, Receive

Ask, Believe, and Receive.  This is the recipe we should have when asking or praying to God.  When you Ask God for something with a Believing, faith-filled heart, you will

Love Perfectly

There is nothing you could ever do to make Me love you less, and I love you perfectly!   -God

True Humility

True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less. C.S. Lewis -Excerpt from lesson “Humble and Submit: Humble” by Marcus and Tricia Draper

Heart of Gratitude

We should always have a heart of gratitude. It not only pleases Him, it lifts our heart, and brings our spirit to life. -An excerpt from the book, “OK, God,

Cares and Concerns

Give Me your cares and concerns.  I gladly take them from you.  I want you to have life and peace.   -God    

Let God be the Helium

Release everything bad in your heart and mind, and just fill it so full of God that there is no room for anything else.  It is like a helium balloon. 

True Wisdom

We can have knowledge , but if we don’t have understanding with it, we don’t have true wisdom. -Taken from the episode, “Wisdom and Pride” found on or

Unanswered Prayers Could be Blessings

God knows what is best for us. So what we think are unanswered prayers, could just be the best things for us. Excerpt from the book, “OK, God, Let’s Start

Listeners and Teachers

~ The best teachers are listeners and the best listeners are teachers. You must be both. -God Excerpt from the book, “OK, God, Let’s Start from Here” by Tricia Draper.