The Great Turnaround

Psalm 37:27 Complete Jewish Bible

27 If you turn from evil and do good,
you will live safely forever.


This psalm from the Jewish Bible does not mince words.  It plainly spells out what we need to do and why.  This may be easy to say, but not to do.  It sounds simple but ending our negative ways and starting righteous ones involves work only God can help us with.


We can stop our evil ways, but until we do good, we do not have the needed assurance of salvation.  When we repent, we are turning from evil.  When we ask Jesus to be our Savior, we are doing good.  That is the great turnaround.  We strip our wickedness and put on His righteousness.  When we become free of evil, we need to fill that void by doing the good God asks of us.  It is not about what we do, but the reason we do it.  If we want to further God’s Kingdom, we will seek out His will for our lives.


Father, I come to You with joy in my heart, knowing You forgive all my sins.  I ask You to help me turn from my wrong ways.  I rejoice knowing I can do good for You.  It doesn’t have to be something everyone else sees.  Doing good includes the positive things only You observe.  Thank You for loving me so much.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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