Our Daily Bread

Praying the way Jesus Taught

Matthew 6:11 ESV

11 Give us this day our daily bread,


This verse is very simple in words, but complex in meaning.  While it is true God will provide our physical needs, such as daily food, this verse also involves our spiritual food.  We need to feed on God and His words every day.


Jesus was teaching on how to pray.  These were simple words meant to help even the regular uneducated people.  Everyone could understand the concept of having food every day.  He was also teaching them, and us, to pray for our spiritual needs as well.  We need to feed our spirits daily with the food only God can provide.  Whether that is simply talking to Him in prayer from our hearts, or reading His wonderful Word, we all need spiritual nourishment.  God is the only One who can truly provide this food.


Father, I thank You for caring so much about me.  You provide even my basic necessities.  You nourish my soul with Your comforting love.  Please help me feed on You and all You have for me every day.  Thank You. In Jesus Name, Amen!

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